20 Gallon Aquarium Chiller

best 20 gallon aquarium chiller play a vital role in the modification of Water temperature  for all aquatic life. All invertebrates (coral, crayfish, and crabs) and vertebrates (fish) are described as cold-blooded or poikilotherms.

Being cold-blooded means that the immediate environment controls their body temperature.In our case, aquarium water will determine the body temperature of both marine and freshwater fish.

Best Aquarium Water Chiller 2022

Therefore, coming up with a prime solution to control the temperatures in your aquarium will save the aquatic life in your aquarium.one of the most excellent temperature aquarium features you should consider installing in your aquarium is a functional water chiller.

Aquarium chiller has a thermostat that controls ambient temperature.What is An Aquarium chiller Anyway?

Aquarium chillers are external units t installed in aquariums to remove excess heat from your aquarium through absorption or compression. This device creates a comfortable environment in your aquarium thus allowing your overcome harsh temperatures.

To a great extent for your aquarium to function efficiently, it does not only need a heater, but it needs a prime chiller to balance water temperature. By installing an aquarium chiller, you will be providing a comfortable environment for biota and fishes in your aquarium.

best Aquarium Chiller 2022

Lando Aquarium chiller – Famous Aquarium



You will agree with me that for than a decade now land has been the leading in this industry by manufacturing high-quality aquarium this makes Lando Aquarium chiller to be a no exception.

Here, Lando Aquarium chiller should be your best pick this season as it is an excellent option for you to normalize temperatures in your aquarium.

If you are looking for a chiller with advanced technology this aquarium chiller is the best choice for you. The ponds range between 1/13 -5 horsepower to cater for more than 50 gallons aquarium.

it also tends to more durable due to the presence of a titanium heat exchanger features.

This chiller is not only the best due to the brand, but it is associated with improved features that allow you to minimize the temperature s in your pond with great ease.it is also very easy to maintain to install.On the other hand, if you are planning to purchase a chiller that you can easily access and clean Lando Aquarium chiller should still be your best pick.

what we like

i. Good reliability.
ii. Operates quietly.
iii. Have a compact and robust design.
iv. Easy to install and maintain.
v. Espy to clean.

what we dislike

i. Relatively expensive though it allows you to enjoy the value of your money.

How To Choose The Best Chiller For Your Saltwater Aquarium

Well, you will agree with me that today being a dynamic world various retailers and manufacturers have flooded the aquarium market. Therefore choosing the right chiller tends to be a difficult task, especially if you know nothing about aquatic life and aquariums.

Therefore when choosing the right chiller for your aquarium, you should consider the following factors.

1) Size of your aquarium

It is recommended that you should go for the appropriate size of chiller which matches with your aquarium. Also when choosing you should avoid going for extra-large chiller if your pond is relatively small as instead of removing heat it will increase the water temperature.

On the other hand going you should avoid going for a small chiller if you have a large tank as it will be less efficient experts recommend that you should only go for the appropriate size.

2) Aquarium setup

Aquarium set up will also play a very vital role when choosing the most appropriate chiller for your saltwater Aquarium .experts recommend that if you are planning to acquire a chiller for the upper end, you should pick the most significant aquarium chiller. Choosing the right chiller will ensure that the inhabitant of your aquarium is healthy

On the other hand, if you are looking for a chiller for 225-gallon sized aquarium then you will have to choose a chiller of about 15F pull-down and 1/3 horsepower units. Experts recommend that you should go for a giant chiller available to minimize electricity usage as they will only have to run for a short period.

3) Amount of heat it generates

When considering this factor, you should be in a position to correctly estimate that amount of heat the chiller might produce. You should also consider the amount of heat required by aquatic life in your aquarium.
Lastly, you should also calculate your required pull-down by identifying the temperature your pond needs then you subtract it from the highest possible temperature that might be produced.

Types Of Aquarium Chillers

1. In-Line Chillers

In-Line Chillers according to experts are intended to cater for larger systems that have in-line filtration. To a great extent, In-Line Chillers are work best with water which is already filtered experts recommend that these chillers should be used together with setups from saltwater reefs.

Since In-Line chiller requires plumbing, they should be incorporated before execution of an aquarium plan.

2. Drop-In Chillers

Drop-In Chillers tens to be more efficient when used together with saltwater reef setups. Due to their efficiency, they are available in different power consumption rate and size.

When choosing this type of chiller, you should consider the size of your aquarium.

3. Thermoelectric Chillers

Are looking for small sized chiller which is compatible with either saltwater or freshwater aquariums? Then consider you back covered by Thermoelectric Chillers.

According to experts, these chillers are not efficient with oversized aquariums as they tend to have more water.It is very suitable for your small saltwater pond.

How Does Aquarium Chillers Function

Chillers operate an air conditioner or refrigerator. The heat removing the ability of aquarium chiller is measured in British Thermal Units also denoted as (BTUs).according to experts one British Thermal Unit is cable of raising the water temperature in your pond by 1F (approximately one point).

Therefore, when choosing aquarium chiller, it is recommended that you go for the one with a relatively higher BTU as they are more efficient in removing excess heat from your pond. Chillers gas will pick all the heat in your pond, and then delivers the hot gas to the radiator.In turn, the radiator will ensure that the gas pressure is reduced while the fan will dispel all the heat from the radiator thus decreasing the water temperature in your aquarium.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Aquarium Chiller?

Aquatic life experts have revealed that appropriate or constant water temperature will keep the inhabitants of your aquarium healthy. Any temperature change which is sudden will expose your fish to stress.

Stressed fish are more prone to dise4ses and infections .you will agree with me that certain types of aquariums such as the reef aquariums have pumps and lighting systems that increase water temperature. But, with the right aquarium chiller, you will be in a position to control the temperature of water in your aquarium.

On the other hand aquarium chiller will prevent depletion of oxygen in your tank as warm water does not only enough gas to sustain most of the aquatic life. Chiller does not make the environment in your aquarium to be cold but instead removes away excess heat.


Are you still feeling skeptical about how to choose only the best fresh water or salt water aquarium chiller? Well, most aquarium chiller users who are first-timers also pass through the same stage.
However, your doubts will disappear once you realize how important the guide is when choosing the best pond chillers.
With the above information you are ready to, I hope you enjoyed the above article. Happy Shopping as you shop Lando Aquarium Chiller.


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