Best Broadheads For Hogs 2021

Both hog and boars are very powerful animals and this you are required to have quality and durable product .despite refile being more accurate and effective having quality broadhead will always help you to modify your hunting experience.

What Grain Broadhead Should I Use!

Well if you are broadheads for hogs then you will have to find a quality broadhead for hogs as they are characterized by having a thick and a very hard coat or hid which makes it very difficult for the average broad heads from penetrating their skin.

The reason why we spent full 56 hours compiling this list of 5 best broadheads for hogs is that our main aim was to make the process choosing a quality broadhead for hogs to be relatively easy. With this list, you are not required to have any prior   skills with broadhead as our reviewers conducted detailed surveys to ensure that this list will full certify your broadheads for hog’s desires

Best Broadheads for Hogs Comparison Table

Reviews:5 Best Broadheads for Hogs Reviews 2021

1.Grim Reaper Razortip Broadhead-best mechanical broadhead for hogs

Grim Reaper Razortip Broadhead was the number one broadhead for hunting hogs this season. After conducting the research we realized that this Grim Reaper Razor tip broadhead a manufacturing company has been around since the early 1903 ’s thus this is a guarantee that the quality is 100%.

The high performance of this product results after combining the durability, accuracy have helped this product to enhance it productity. This 0.035 happens to be the overall thickness. The stainless material was used to makes sure that even when this material is exposed to the consultation that favor rusting it will still maintain its states.

Up next future is that this Grim Reaper Razortip Broadhead is accosted with high ability to be able to maintain its harp edge throughout your hunting season. This option ensures that you will concenter more on taking your hunting ability to a new professional level. When purchasing this Grim Reaper Razortip Broadhead it comes in a pack of three.


  • Lightweight
  • The blade is razor sharp
  • Compact construction design
  • Steel which rust resistant is the main material


  • None

2.Swhacker 2 inch cut broadheads

Swhacker 2 inch cut broadheads are our next top rated product on this professionally crafted piece of Best broadheads for hogs. This broadhead is defined by the high price which is equivalent to its high performance.

The blade this broad head come in three thus modifying its efficiency by almost 100%. looking closely at the efficiency of this device.

The body of this product is made from aluminum while its body comes from a streel material. The blade of this  Swhacker 2 inch cut broadheads is replaceable in case they will ever malfunction during the period that you will be using them.

Despite Swhacker, 2 inches cut broadheads being rated as a high performer this broadhead it is a budget based hence you can get it even when on very tight budget.Swhacker 2 inch cut broadheads come from a top notch road head manu8facturinmg company that will always allow you to keep the pace of its competitors. Having body made from aluminum is performance is increased by almost 100%.


  • Aluminum body
  • The blade is steel thus making it be stainless
  • Light weight hence high performing
  • The blade is easily replaceable


  • Relatively high priced

3.G5 OUTDOORS  BROADHEAD-best broadhead for moose hunting

G5 OUTDOORS 100 GRAIN BROADHEAD managed to take our position three of Best broadheads for hogs. What allowed this model to be featured on our is the ease of use. The quality material which was used to come with this broadhead for hog is steel and aluminum where the aluminum was used to come up with the body design.

On the other hand the steel was used to come up with the blade designs despite being stout this board head or simply the G5 OUTDOORS 100 GRAIN take up a very compact design that allows it to penetrate in any game animals The razor sharp blades of this G5 OUTDOORS 100 GRAIN allows you to easily acquire your target without huge struggles.

Another thing about this G5 OUTDOORS 100 GRAIN that we thought was okay for you to know is that it comes with a quality blade that can easily replace them. On the other side if his product will ever malfunction before the allocated G5 OUTDOORS 100 GRAIN warranty expires you can easily get another product to replace your damaged product depending on the nature of this product.


  • 100 grain baoard head
  • 320% stronger due to the compact steel construction deign
  • Have a cutting diameter of 1.5″
  • Blade retention


  • Weight can be minimized

4.Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 -best broadhead for womens bow

Takes our number four of Best broadheads for hogs. The quality steel edge of this broadhead has increased its ability to penetrate through bones. This broad head has a better ability to penetrate to the hog’s skin due to 1’’ overall diameter.

The blade was molded from a powerful material which will always prevent it from breaking the blade material is strengthened thus even when you over use this blade it will never break.

Steel blade is well known for the increased ability to maintain sharp edge even after failing to sharpen it for weeks which makes it be among the best hog hunting broad heads today


  • Sharp blade
  • Quality aluminum body
  • Maintains its edge for more time
  • Very portable due to the aluminum body


  • None

5.Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead-best broadhead for 60 lb bow

Finally, after such a long journey, we have our last product on this list it goes by the name Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead. Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead comes e from a top broadhead manufacturing company that has been in the broad head industry for more than the three past decades.

The penetration ability is described as bone coughing and thus this Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead makes up the most accurate broad head for the money that you should be after today. The body and the blade design have made this Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead to be heavy duty model of a hog hunting broad head that all hunter should consider purchasing

Weight is another issue influencing the accuracy and the overall performance of a various or different model of broad heads today. But when income to Excalibur Boltcutter broadhead it is associated with very low weight as the body is crafted from aluminum which is among the lightest blade material on this planet


  • Lovely design
  • Affordable
  • Compact blade
  • Razor sharp blade


  • Weigh is an issue but it can be in improved by using aluminum blades


From what you have learned from our above review you will realize that getting very durable or high performing Best broadheads for hogs it takes more skills than just being a simple hunter more skills will be needed. With hunting getting new skin today you will definitely need a quality broadhead that will allow you to even take down the biggest hog found on your hunting ground.


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