Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting-Buyers Guide And Reviews

Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting for grizzly black bears is an adventurous and fun filled exercise. A lot of research has been conducted to help determine the best caliber especially for hunting big black grizzly bears.

The Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting has to be the one that performs flawlessly on such a way that the front core of the bullet expands rapidly and has a great penetration power. This is because there are not many bullets that can penetrate the thick fur, fat and large bones of a full grown bear without being deviated.

Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting

The best bullet should be able to penetrate through the thick fur, fat, muscle and large bones of a bear and still be able to exit landing approximately four feet ahead. For hunting purposes Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting, the  H-Mantle, Winchester .338 easily qualify and are highly recommended by professional hunters and experienced hunting guides for use on big game like the bears. 12 gauge short gun slug in 3 inch magnum or double magnum calibers with back ups of  .270, 300 Weatherby magnum, 3.75 H&H and .375 Ruger.

There are various considerations to make before embarking on a hunting exercise especially on choosing the right ammunition. These considerations include: the bears physiolog and framework, angle required to make a good shot and the range of shot required ( close or long). We definitely cannot hold the reigns of a bears locomotion but we have the power to choose the Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting to make a good shot with. This is because different bullets are designed to perform best in certain conditions.

Best Caliber For Grizzly Bear Hunting

Considering the anatomy of a full grown bear, a normal adult bear’s heart is located on the left front low of its chest. It’s large lungs are located behind its scapula. A bear has a thick fur, docile skin and a significant amount of fat covering its internal organs. It’s blood clogs quickly and the layer of fat prevents its blood from flowing out incase of any injury.


Long range shots are tricky because a bear does keeps running up to seven miles to get away till it drops dead depending on the severity of the bullet injury. This makes it hard to track and may be frustrating to the hunter especially if the blood drops dry up or the bear stops bleeding not to mention the possibility of missing the target. To increase your chances of making a good, clean and easy shot, aim for vital areas which are the lungs, behind the shoulders or the neck.

Based on my explanation above and all that I have discussed in detail Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting, I will now go ahead and talk about the best calibers to do the job. This is the bullet and ammo that will be able to penetrate the bears thick fur, skin and fat as well as its bones and muscular body.

A bullet’s performance largely relies upon its weight and design. The minimum width of a bullet large enough to make a hole that will let blood out is one of a .35 diameter. Other bigger sizes in terms of diameter are recommended as they will bore larger holes. To ensure a bullet penetrates an adult bear, it’s velocity and weight need to be consistently upheld during its flight. A minimum of 300 grains in weight is required for this.


By ordinary, we have two categories of Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting  that have been tested and proven to be able to penetrate an adult bear: hard cast catridges and premium cast catridges. These twins have the best design in terms of their construction and velocity when fired using a .30, .31, .32, .33 calibers or 6.7mm high speed catridges.

To begin with shortguns, semi autos, P12 gauge slugs riddled barrels are good choices for a successful bear hunt. With a handgun, you may need a 300 grain weighing bullet fired from calibers beginning with a . 44 magnum to make a good clean shot.

For rifle lovers a .270, .30 with a hard cast caliber bullet continually upwards us a great choice. To make a precise shot using a muzzle loader, a hard cast 300 grain .45 bullet is reliable to do a perfect job. The Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting with are .35 Remington and .45 upwards.Happy shopping as you shop the above Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting

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