Best Epoxy For Knife Handles 2018

Best epoxy for knife handles is the right option for coating the handles of your knives and swords. Best epoxy for knife handles apart from being long lasting, hard wearing it is also very durable and comes at a pocket-friendly cost.

When compared with other material for coating your blades handles the best epoxy for knife handles have been rated as a prime and professional coating option available in different market platforms

Best Epoxy For Knife Handles 2018

Best epoxy for knife handles comes in wide range of both cheap and expensive. Thus the experience of picking the right epoxy for knife handles tends to be relatively not an easy task.

It is also good to note that there are different brand s of epoxy due to the extensive explosion of best epoxy products the growing industrial era. This situation has led various retailers and manufacturers to offer different products that are meant to cater the need for separate roles and individuals.

Therefore picking only the best epoxy for knife handles is a very challenging experience. This article will help you to choose top ten best-rated epoxies for knife handle that you can purchase right now.

Our Comparison Guide Of 10 Best Epoxy For Knife Handles

Best Epoxy For Knife Handles Reviews

1.Ames Fiberglass Handles Epoxy -best epoxy

Should we say thanks to Ames for this fantastic fiberglass handles epoxy? Yes, we should.

Ames Fiberglass Handles Epoxy is a quality product that is capable of being very efficient for fiber handle glasses and other blade handles.

It gives you a long lasting coating which also allows you to have a firm grip.

It is quality resin product that comes will a detailed user manual that makes it easy for you to use it correctly.

Ames Fiberglass Handles Epoxy is nothing else than a brilliant coating that makes it easy for you to craft quality handles.

It is also a very efficient and super quality coating that allows you to enjoy long-standing quality handle that will keep your hands from blisters. The adhesive capability of this epoxy is relatively efficient making it very used even with a handle that is associated with the rough surface.

  • It is associated with excellent handle coverage.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America.
  • It is a quality Anti-slip handle solution.
  • It Comes from a very reputable epoxy brand.
  • None as it is associated with quality adhesive power

2. RTG Epoxy Putty-best epoxy for knife making

RTG Epoxy Putty before we get started is quality epoxy brand that has been on the market for decades now.

Comes in great containers that allow you to handle the work more efficiently without any major inconveniences.

This is Epoxy can be used to perform various roles all the way from repairing wooden handles, sharpening and even rebuilding you wood handles that have missing parts.

As an addition this epoxy can be used to cater for both exterior and interior roles to give your home new fresh look.

Another positive bit of this is that it gives the handles of your waterproof knife capability. That allows it to be very efficient when handling various roles it also comes in a different option that is available to meet your comes with a 2-Quart and a 2-Pint Kit that a makes it possible to pick the one that matches your desires more. By being 100% efficient waterproof, it allows it to create a perfect wood epoxy that is on the market today.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Comes with  a 2-Quart and a 2-Pint Kit
  • Easy to use and can also be used to cater for both interior and exterior makeovers.
  • Decently priced
  • perform various roles all the way from repairing wooden handles, sharpening  and  even  rebuilding
  • Non to mention

3) Marine guard Fiberglass Epoxy -best epoxy for filling knot holes

Marine guard Fiberglass Epoxy is another quality product that ensures you have high-performance knife handles.

Marine guard Fiberglass Epoxy is quality and very efficient polyamide based epoxy which according to our epoxy developer it is meant to cater for quality wood coating, plastics, fiberglass, metals, and concrete.

Therefore it  is  quality   product that can be used for  various roles without compromising its  efficiency due  to the high adhesive power it can  also be used to cater for  tiles, Kevlar and  fiberglass coating  while maintaining its effectiveness

The manufacture of this Marineguard Fiberglass Epoxy suggests that it should be used on products that satisfy high waterproof ability such as most of the product that is used in marine.

  • Easy to use
  • Comes from a well-known and a successful brand
  • Very efficient polyamide
  • Can play various roles
  • Relatively expensive

4)   Gorilla Epoxy-best epoxy for filling knot holes

Gorilla Epoxy is another quality and a prime epoxy for making quality knives handles.

By being clear, it allows your handles to achieve a beautiful look.It is also associated with a very high adhesive ability thus making it be as useful as both nails and rivets.

Gorilla Epoxy allows the handles to come with an excellent grip that will enable you to handle virus tasks with the knife even if you have a sweaty hand. This Gorilla Epoxy guarantees you to have firm grip even in harsh climatic condition.

When purchasing this epoxy, it comes with a beautiful design that allows you to be in better position enjoying relative ease of applying it without waste. Due to its high adhesive ability Gorilla Epoxy manufacture recommend it for performing heavy-duty roles such as filling gaps

  • Dries Clear;
  • Easy finishing
  • Comes with a very efficient syringe that makes dispense it to be very easy
  • perfect for gap-filling and  in  knives hades that require a durable  bond
  • gives a luxurious finish
  • Relatively expensive though it is an excellent epoxy   for knife handle

Wrap Up

Well, this is our detailed list of top 10 Best epoxies for knife handles in the comparison table. We have also gone ahead to give a detailed review of top three Best epoxies for knife handles that you can purchase from amazon.

It’s also good to note that our product is frequently update to ensure you are only getting the latest products. Happy shopping as you pick one or all of the above BEST epoxy for knife handles. Happy shopping


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