Best Fire Starter For Backpacking 2018

Best fire starter for backpacking is a prime tool  every homeowner and an outdoor enthusiast should have .out outdoor enthusiast have revealed that Best fire starter for backpacking should be in included in your everyday carry list.

While in camping or hiking you will concur with me that having prime fires starter kit will help you to make the quality fire more efficiently to keep to keep you war.

More fire kits manufacture has introduced both high and low-quality fire starter kits out there on the market. This has made it impossible for most   people to find the most appropriate fire starter kits. In this article we are going to look at 10 Best fire starter for backpacking for 2018 that you can give a try.

Best Fire Starter For Backpacking 2018

Before we get started, it is important to note that you should have specific factors to consider before commencing on picking the right fire starter for backpacking

Best fire starter for backpacking come at different prices from cheap to expensive. The cost has made it the experience of choosing a quality fire starter to be very challenging.

Our list is composed of best rated fire starter for backpacking by the binder material, heat intensity, longevity, tinder material and also their ease of use so that you are in a better position of making more precision fire.

Best fire starter for backpacking.

Comparison table of the Best fire starter for backpacking for 2018

Best Fire Starter For Backpacking Reviews

  1. Lightning Strike Holland Fire Starter holland lightning strike fire starter 

In all outdoor life fore is a very critical requirement as it keeps us warm and also we can use it to cook and scare away wild animals that can expose us to dangerous health condition during our camping trip.

To cater for your fires start kit desire we have Lightning Strike Holland Fire Starter and our number one.this Best fire starter for backpacking is more durable

Lightning Strike Holland Fire Starter according to the different market forum  Facebook platform and google forums have been rated to be atop brand starter the caters for your fir relighting need regardless of your current climatic condition at hand.

It is cratered from not only robust but machined aluminum that to have a compact design.As an addition, it comes with the relatively light weight of 4.5 oz. That increases its efficiency and portability. A quality waterproof option cap allows this lighter to play a vital role without compromising its effectiveness even in wet and harsh conditions. It is backed up by a quality warrant that guarantees your money back or has perfect replacement

  • It has a quality waterproof cap
  • Easy to use7
  • Manufactured from lightweight machined aluminum
  • More portable
  • Comes with a nice design
  • relatively high price
  1. Click spring Fire starter Pistonbest ferro rod fire starter 

Well, we all need to have quality and well-designed product. Despite being a simple light starter, this Best fire starter for backpacking comes with a beautiful design that allows you to enjoy its ease of use.

It comes with bride and quality neck strap that makes it easy for you to sue this starter.

This product is crafted from a quality metal such as aluminum and brass that increases their durability option.

The design that is used when crafting this kit allows it to be very efficient for rainy and high weed condition without reducing their efficiency .it also comes with relatively right weight design that has turned it to be very portable fire starter kit.

Comes with an egocentric design that has made Click spring Fire starter Piston to be in position of being included in  every day carry tools and garget of  both amateur and professional

  • Easy to use
  • Comes with beautiful design crafted to rust
  • Aluminum and brass are the materials
  • Allows you to customize it to achieve tour fire starter desires
  • good appearance
  • Requires more skills to use
  1. Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel – all weather fire starter 

Light my fire Swedish fire steel is a compact kit that makes it easy for you to state your fire more comfortably aming it to be in our list of Best fire starter for backpacking.

This fire starter is also very easy to use, it comes will a well-inbuilt whistle that allows you to be in the position of enjoying the relatively easy way of making fire.

As an  addition, it comes with an improved method 2,980-degree option that will enable you to enjoy  c spark option  capability as  an addition it will allow you to enjoy  relatively healthy signal which in  case  you are lost in  your  favorite  hiking ground  you can use it aa   stable emergency  signal

Available of the whistle will enable you to be in better alerting you other hiking mates in case you experience any danger while you are in the woods .it has a braided neck strap that allows you to enjoy the relatively easy way of carrying it while you are hiking.

An ergonomic handle is also available it will enable you to have a firm grip. While it is too crafted from a stainless material that ensures it both resistant and corrosions free. It even protects you from experiencing

  • Requires no lighter, flints, fluid or battery to operate
  • Works efficiently in harsh climatic condition
  • Comes with a very efficient lighter
  • Perform well in both high altitude and low altitude areas
  • Rods are exposed making them susceptible to breakage
  1. Aurora 440C Fire Starter lightning strike fire starter mini 

Should we say wow laugh or even give thanks to   Aurora for this excellent fire starter kit?

Well, this Aurora kit comes in a very compact design that allows you to make your fire more efficiently regardless of the available climatic .

As addition, it comes with stainless steel material that will enable it to be not only durable but resistant from both rust and wet climatic condition.

By coming with a lightweight design, this fire starter makes it very portable. Having a more comfortable Fire Starter which is also associated with improved performance is an added advantage that comes with Aurora Fire Starter.

it is meant to cater for both and heavy and light fire starting desires.Our experts have revealed that this kit has an increased ability to burn within 5000 degrees.

That a makes it easy for you to start your fire, The spark ability of this bag makes it easy for you to start your fire with only a few strike which has turned it to be very efficient and high performing fire starter. Therefore it made its way to our

  • Comfortable and fire starter
  • High-Performance fire starter
  • states light with just two-strike
  • Crafted from a quality and quality
  • Can function in any climatic condition.
  • Weighs more
  1. Survival Ultimate Technologies fire Striker lightning strike ferro rod 

Before we narrow down n to be advantages of this Survival Ultimate Technologies fire Striker, it’s important to note that I come with a robust neck strap that makes it very easy for you to carry it from one place to another.

With this lighter, you can even start a quality spark in rain and wind without compromising their efficiency.

Survival Ultimate Technologies fire Striker has increased the ability to generate powerful spark even in both high and low altitude area.

The spark that reproduced by this fore strike is also very powerful. With just a single strike you are in a better position of enjoying a relatively increased speed of lighting your fire even in harsh climates.

This fire starter comes with a quality lifetime warranty that allows you to enjoy relatively long duration of customer support.

The lifetime arrantly also guarantee you to have your money back or have perfect replacement. An ideal storage compartment is also available that allows or make it possible e for you to store extratinders.

  • Decently priced
  • windproof
  • waterproof
  • quality storage compartment
  • easy to use and set up
  • Only uncomfortable for small hands
  1. BlizeTec Magnesium Fire Starterlightning strike fire starter ebay

Ask any outdoors enthusiast, and you realize that all magnesium fire starter kit plays a vital role in your outdoor life as they tend to be very efficient.

Let’s fast say big thanks to BlizeTecm for giving us this quality and durable BlizeTec

Magnesium Fire Starter which have increased the ability for producing quality spark even in harsh climatic condition without interfering with its efficiency.

BlizeTec Magnesium Fire Starter comes in a relatively lightweight design that makes it extremely portable. As an addition, this quality six options in one BlizeTec Magnesium Fire Starter is backed up efficient by a very durable.

The compact design of this fire starter makes it tactical lighter that it is very utterly reliableThe materials that are used in the e manufacture of this kit are both Rosh and CE certified metals.

By being manufactured from certifies minerals this lighter is therefore very efficient, durable and rust resistant.

This BlizeTec Magnesium Fire Starter has an increased ability to light up to 12,000 strikes which makes it very durable.

  • 12,000 strikes
  • Rosh  and CE certified metals are used to manufacture this metal
  • Six options in one
  • Efficient even in harsh climatic condition.
  • More weight
  1. Swedish FireKnife starter best firestarter for survival 

Want not only a fire starter a quality multi-tool that will allow you to perform more practices when using the same device. Well then consider giving this Swedish FireKnife Firestarter a try

The fixed blade which can maintain its sharp edge for an increased duration of time is present. It is crafted from magnesium which is relatively efficient and durable material resistant to rust and poor climate condition.

This blade has a very efficient handle that guarantees you a firm grip. The blade is also very easy to sharpen allowing you handle t different task all the way from bush crafting to preparing your comes with  quality strap that makes this Swedish FireKnife starter  to be portable

Swedish FireKnife starter allows you to enjoy 3,000 strikes which cause it be relatively durable. Apart from being a multi-tool, its efficiency is not compromised.

  • Easy to use
  • 3,000 strikes
  • Have a braided strap making it be more portable
  • Comes with quality blade able to maintain its sharpens
  • Associated with more weight


This is our list of Best fire starter for backpacking which  you can give  a try., if you found  this article helpful hit our share button and leave  a comment if possible .on the other side if you did not like our report leave a comment and  let us know  where you  think we  should  make  changes,

having said that  if you  want to update your Best fire starter for backpacking collection  choose one or even all the models  listed above  as they will never disappoint you . Happy shopping


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