Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate -Buyers Guide And Reviews

Best golf club set for intermediate are hard to find as there are more manufactures. We spent more than 51 in video editing and consulting individual product crafters to come up with this list of top five best golf club set for intermediate players.

All the products in this article are listed taking into consideration an acceding order on the basis of customer feedback and rating.

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Golfer

having   just any golf club set for intermediate  will allows  you improve  your  gaming experience bit having a only Best golf club set for intermediate will allows you to   take  your  golfing capability to another level.

We  are requesting you to  keep  reading out article as in this  very article   we will provide   you with  detailed  guide  which will help you  when time  for picking or   purchasing  a quality golf club set  comes.

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Comparison Guide

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate Reviews

  1. Precise M5 Golf Clubs Set-best womens golf clubs sets

Best suited for both new and intermediate golfers, Precise Golf M5 ladies right handed golf club is a stylish, easy to handle and sleek golf club.

It is the best golf club for intermediate female golfers with its oversized golf head, it is easy to take a swing and have the golf in the air effortlessly for beginners and intermediate golfers helping the players improve their golfing skills.


  • Comes in 3 different sizes for different heights: Petite size for 5’3, Standard size for 5’3 – 5’8 and Tall size for 5’8 and above.
  • Matching dual stripped backpack golf bag with headcovers.
  • 460cc stainless steel and titanium driver.
  • Titanium driver
  • Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S.
  • No rusting – 100% purple graphite shafts for all clubs.
  • Matching Backpack dual bag offers lots of storage and is divided to carry all the clubs.
  • Ultra-light weight golf set.
  • Comfortable to swing golf set
  • Firm grip handles
  • Putters are big sized and a bit heavy
  • The stand bag is made of light material that may not be durable.

Strata women’s complete golf set is an 11- piece stylishly designed golf club that is built to enhance performance for intermediate golfers.

It is a complete package that has everything you need to hit the golf course at any moment. It includes headcovers for driver, 3 wood and 5 hybrid.


  • The 11-piece set (7 clubs, 3 headcovers and 1 bag) comes complete with
  • a wedge
  • two hybrid iron shafts
  • a putter
  • stand bag (lightweight and durable with 5 pockets for storage)
  • 3 headcovers.
  • A large ultra-lightweight graphite shaft to enable easy swings
  • Lightweight shaft fairy wood with a headcover for long, high fly swing shots.
  • Perimeter weighted irons
  • Mallet T-Shaped aligned putter to enable you to take accurate shots
  • Lightweight durable sandbag with 5 pockets for each golf stick and additional cooler pocket, rain hood and backpack straps.
  • The T -shaped mallet is a slightly heavy for carrying around.
  • Stand bag is made of light material that may affect its durability
  1. CALLAWAY STRATA SET-best womens golf clubs intermediate

Callaway Strata Set is suitable for beginner and intermediate golfers. It comes with 10 clubs, a putter, two wedges, a stand bag and 3 headcovers.

Its 10 clubs are specially crafted with firm grips in place to ensure safety and enable the user to take easy wings while playing.

The club heads feature both high quality well-polished iron and wood heads. The carrier bag is deigned to balance well in the shoulders and comes with 4 full length dividers providing compartments to carry everything you need. This is one of the best golf club for intermediate players.


  • Driver- 460cc clubhead and a graphite shaft with head cover.
  • Lightweight, durable stand bag with 5pockets, rain hood and a strap system for backpack.
  • 5 Hybrids for versatility
  • Fairway wood with a stainless steel, clubhead and graphite shaft.
  • Four irons and two wedges.
  • T-styled mallet putter.
  • The stand bag’s backstrap system enables the user to easily transport the golf apparatus.
  • The T-styled aligned putter enables the player to make highly accurate swing shots.
  • The progressive sole width technology applied in the iron wedges makes it easy for the player to gain control while playing.
  • Headcovers included for drivers, fairway and hybrids.
  • The stand bag and carrier may not be well divided.
  • The Callaway Strata Set is only available for right handed female players only.
  1.  Ultimate CALLAWAY SET-best golf club sets for intermediate players

Women’s CALLAWAY is among the best golf clubs for beginners and intermediate women golfers. It is well designed to boost women’s performance while playing golf.

Complete ladies set comes with two wedges, a putter, a driver, a stand bag with popping legs, fairy wood and four headcovers.

The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Set is deigned with technology for ladies who want to boost their performance and control the distance played with each club in the set.

Ladies can take easy long shots, have more control and play with confidence with less impact felt in the lands as the graphite shafts absorb the impact on hitting the golf ball.


  • Driver – features a full titanium driver.
  • Long wood fairway for high flying shots
  • 2 Hybrids, 4 irons, 2 wedges designed with flight technology.
  • Putter designed with precise face milling to offer the player more distance control.
  • Stand bag with enough pockets and tee holders with 4 head cover.
  • Full titanium driver does not rust: suitable for all weather playing and is durable.
  • 3 wood fairway woods are designed aerodynamically for high flying shots.
  • 4&5 Hybrids to enable you to play with confidence
  • Irons/ wedges are made with stainless steel and employ a high flight technology to deliver more distance control to the player.
  • Putter’s face milling is designed to offer more accuracy while taking lofts.
  • Stylish stand bag and light weight in nature.
  • The stand bag is made of light material that may not last long.
  • The club heads bruise easily while taking shots.
  1. TOUR EDGE WOMEN’S  SET-Best cheap golf clubs for beginners

Tour EDGE Women’s 16-piece complete set is specifically designed for intermediate players who wish to gain superior distance and accuracy control in their game.

It features a stainless-steel fairway to provide a fairly low centered gravity for high swings.

A T-mallet styled and aligned putter with full featured bag that has conveniently placed pockets enables you to play with comfort.

Ladies are guaranteed an exclusive 30-day top game performance. The golf clubs are light with an oversized head for high accuracy while placing shots.


  • 460cc high lofted driver
  • Deluxe cart bag with accessory pockets
  • 5&7 stainless steel hybrids
  • Lightweight stand bag.
  • Fairy way words.
  • Great lightweight clubs for beginners.
  • T-style aligned mallet putter provides high accuracy.
  • Perimeter weighting for iron/wedges provides more control while playing.
  • Durable lightweight stand bag.
  • Stainless steel club heads.
  • Oversized stainless steel irons.
  • Stand bag comes in plum color only

Wrap Up

The above products were our Best golf club set for intermediate free to give them try .We also  request that  if  you found  out that we left out  your  favorite  golf club set for intermediate  leave  as  a comment in our comments  box. Lastly happy shopping as you shop for the Best golf club set for intermediate.

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