7 Best Kukri For Bushcraft For 2020

Best kukri for bushcraft is a Nepalese traditional knife that playa s vital role as a  not only primary blade abut as a utility knife if you want to up your game in giving your survival kit a new appearance.kukri knife Instead of carrying with you any tool for wood splitting and any other self-defense a kukri knife plays a vital role as it allows you to back it with great ease not forgetting it is a very efficient blade that every survivalist should own..

The best kukri for bushcraft despite being described as an efficient multipurpose knife it has also been used historically for over decades now by Nepal Gurkha soldiers.

Reviews:7 Best Kukri For Bushcraft For 2020

#1.SOG Specialty Kukri Machete-best Kukri Machete

SOG Specialty Kukri Machete comes from a top brand company that has been in operation for decades now. This kukri comes with relatively unique design as its blade is crafted from a quality carbon steel material that allows the knife to be relatively sturdy thus allowing you even to perform the demanding task with the blade. To add to the blade design, it comes with a very efficient saw back that would enable this kukri to be only described as a multifunction kukri machete.

Come with a 12-inch long blade that makes you deploy the kukri more efficiently and also allows you to create relatively deep cuts with great ease. As an addition, it comes with a plastic protective sheath that makes it easier for you to backpack the kukri machete.

For you to be in the position of working with the machete even harsh prevailing climatic condition, it is associated with a prime handle that has lanyards holes thus also making it easier for you to carry the blade. This kukri handle is almost 6 inch. Therefore it gives all the comfort you would ever need in kukri machete,

  • Has a saw the blade back
  • kraton extra comfortable handle
  • Clean Cuts
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Adorable black hard cased finish.
  • Protective synthetic sheath.
  • Associated with a thin edge

#2.Magnum Kukri Knife-best kukri under 100

Our kukri blade developers have described magnum Kukri Knife as prime pocket sword every survivalist should own.

It is manufactured from a quality steel material that allows the blade to be more durable as also allowing it to even play a crucial role, in performing very demanding task that other machetes cannot be in the position of the offering.

Due to it its durable blade and a lovey handle design this knife can be used for curving and chop On the side if you are an outdoor guy you can use the knife to perform a wide range of outdoor activities during you among or hiking trip.

It comes with liner lock mechanism that allows the kukri machete blade to lock securely thus enabling you to backpack the machete with great ease.

On the other hand, it is manufactured from a G-10 steel which is stainless therefore it will allow your blade to be free from rust and the harsh prevailing weather condition. Lanyard hole is also included to make it easier for you when it comes to transporting or carrying the kukri machete.

  • Blade material is stainless steel
  • G-10 handle combined with steel liners thus giving you a firm grip
  • Lanyard hole
  • liner mechanism for locking the  blade
  • the blade can only be described as a Straight edge
  • It lacks a pocket clip.

#3.Smith & Wesson Kukri-best kukri on the market

Smith & Wesson is regarded to be top brand manufacturer of various knives brand all over the world.

They have yet released another quality kukri machete that plays a  crucial role in allowing you to be in the position of handling any demanding activity at hand as the blade is crafted from a quality and durable material.

Smith & Wesson Kukri is medium shaped machete thus it offers you all the comfort you need when using a kukri blade.

It comes with excellent handle designs that allow you to swing the handle tirelessly without getting experience any hand fatigue.

On the other side, it comes with a comfortable sheath that is catted frame polyester material thus making it easier for you to backpack the blade with great ease.

Having a comfortable sheath allows you to even hang the kukri on your shoulder without exposing you to various disasters such as minor injuries it also makes the kukri to be more portable.

  • Comes with a sharp blade when buying it
  • well balanced knife
  • rubberized handle that offers you an excellent grip
  • tends to be more durable
  • both handle and blade weight is well distributed
  • easy to deploy
  • Associated with more weight

#4.Genuine Gurkha Kukri-best kukri survival knife

This is the handmade brand of kukri that is crafted from the durable material if you just want to purchase a top performing blade then consider going for this.

Our developer has revealed that Genuine Gurkha Kukri only features a  well hand-forged blade design which is manufactured from high carbon steel thus blade to a great extent is also double fullered.

A semi polished blade is another description that can be used on this kukri as it gives it an excellent and authentic appearance

On the other hand, traditional curve associated with kukri knives is also present thus it allows the blade to be associated with an outstanding appearance .the also cover to a great extent will enable you to perform various outdoor actives such as chopping or even curving more e efficiently.

It also has a nice handle that can only be associated with rosewood design that allows you to have a firm finger grip when working with the kukri blade. Lastly, it comes with very efficient leather sheath brown (buffalo leather) that have comfortable straps that make it very portable.

  • Buffalo leather sheath.
  • Comfortable straps for hanging on your shoulder
  • More durable
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Double fullered blade
  • Carbon steel blade thus it is rust resistant
  • Sheath straps are flimsy

#5.Ontario Knife Kukri Knife-best kukri to buy

Ontario Knife Kukri Knifes prime kukri knife that is crafted from a relatively durable material it allows you to enjoy the value of your money.

1095 carbon steel is the material that is used to craft this knife .it also comes with excellent and well-designed black protective finish that allows Ontario Knife Kukri Knife to be free from corrosion or even rust.

Ontario Knife Kukri Knife is also associated with a black blade which is none reflective.

On the other hand, it comes with a lovely G-10 handle with a rubber design that allows you to enjoy relatively firm grip when working with the Ontario Knife Kukri Knife.

Lastly, it also comes with a suitable design sheath that is made from a rubber material thus it allows you to carry the blade more easily.

Availability of an efficient lanyard hole of it well-crafted handle makes it even easier for you to use the blade.

  • crafted from 1095 carbon steel
  • More durable
  • Easy to sue
  • Rubber handle which tends to be very comfortable
  • Rust-resistant due to a presence of the black coating
  • Comfortable grip due to presence of lanyard hole
  • Tend to be very portable due presence of a lanyard hole
  • Nylon sheath which less durable

#6.Condor Tool & Kukri Knife-best kukri for the money

just as the name suggests, 60217 Kukri Knife is a prime tool that every bush crafter should own as it has an excellent blade crafted from a durable material thus it makes it easy for your when it comes to conducting bush crafting activity.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a tool that will play a significant role in ensuring that you ate in the position of upping your game in bush crating them Condor Tool & Knife 60217 Kukri Knife should be your best pick this time around.

Blasted satin finish design is used on the blade which is 10 inches long thus making it very efficient and also free from rust. When purchasing it also comes with a convenient black sheath that is manufactured from leather, therefore, aiming it very easy for you to carry the kukri. Availability of strapped sheath also makes this blade to be relatively portable.

  • It is manufactured of High carbon steel
  • Hardwood handle I also present which offer you a firm grip
  • Comes with black sheath constructed from leather
  • Associated with full and blade design thus making the edge to be of high performance
  • more durable
  • free from corrosion and rust
  • light in weight
  • Comes with smooth handle design

#7.Ka-Bar Kukri knife-Best Kukri In The World

Ka-Bar Kukri knife is associated with a blade that is crafted from carbon steel thus making to be very durable.The edge of this sword is also very sharp and is ready for use when being bought.

Kraton g-10 handle design is also available thus making the knife to be very easy to handle even when working in wet climatic condition

A full tang tends blade design is also present in this kukri knife, therefore, it allows you to enjoy the services of this knife as it is more durable. Come with abled of the maximum length of about 11.5 inches thus making this blade to be very easy to deploy.

  • Carbon-steel is the primary blade material
  • Associated with a durable and sturdy bade
  • Have a Krathong handle that gives you a position to enjoy firm grip
  • Black leather sheath
  • Durable as it is associated with a Full tang design
  • More portable due to presence of strapped sheath
  • Rust resistant
  • Ready for use due to presence of a razor sharp edge
  • Sheath is not pure leather

#8.Schrade Kukri Machete-best budget kukri

Schrade Kukri Machete comes with a full tend blade design. It is also associated with a thick blade that is very easy to use.

Stainless steel is the primary material that is used to craft this sword thus making this kukri knife to be associated with high durability.

Ability to be rust resistant is facilitated by the availability of a powder back coating that helps d this blade to escape hash climate and condition that promoted rusting.

Due to its lightweight blade and handle this kukri blade can be used for back backpacking.

T-grip design which is facilitated by a lanyard hole allows you to feel more comfortable when using this Schrade Kukri Machete. When buying this knife, it comes with various additives such as a diamond pouch which has a stone sharpen and leather sheath thus increasing the Schrade Kukri Machete efficiency .

  • Tends to be more durable due to Full tang construction.
  • Double stitched nylon sheath
  • Convenient pouch
  • More cutting power due to curved design
  • Comfortable handle due to T-grip handle
  • easy to use and more durable
  • Sheath is not pure leather

What   you should consider during a  Best Kukri Brand Kukri Knife Buying process

However, if you are buying kukri knife, it is recommended that   you consider or have some technical considerations in mind, we will provide that information later on in our buyer’s guide

Best kukri 2019 Best kukri knife can also play a vital role during your camping trip as you can engage in performing various task since it gives you multitasking option this season. With a Best kukri, you can [perform task such as bush creating wood buttoning it also plays a role as a hunting knife.

Prices for best kukri ranges from cheap to relatively expensive thus choosing to purchase a quality kukri is not an easy task. More manufacture and retailers have also flooded the kukri market with products that are of low quality thus when choosing original kukri it is recommended that you should have some technical tips in mind.

We hope that this list of best kukri and best kukri for bushcraft will give you an excellent experience when shopping for your favorite kukri from Amazon.

Choosing the right and a quality kukri blade should be your only drive when planning to purchase the best kukri for bushcraft. The quality of should be determined some technical details not just your personal preferences. Read on to discover top three factors that you should consider when choosing an original kukri for bushcraft.


When it comes to c selecting a blade for best kukri knife consider the material and also the length of the edge. The material used to manufacture rye should have some specific factors such as it should be more durable, and it should also be hardy.

The material used to process of craft this blade al play a vital role in determining the durability of any blade, therefore, consider going from material that is associated with more ability to last long and also maintain a sharp edge.

On the other side, the blade length dictates how the blade will be efficient. When going for blade length, it is recommended that you should consider your intended use of the knife before proceeding to the market to make any purchase.


When choosing prime handle for best kukri knife for bushcraft, you should consider going for the rubberized handle as it will make your experience when using the blade to be very enjoyable. There is a wide range of handle design out there with different quality price and design of construction.

As we make we conclude about the handle design best kukri knives, tend to have a handle material which is associated with the traditional model and also have cases include.it is necessary to note that such handles are associated with relatively higher price.


When choosing a kukri knife consider checking on the availability of a sheath as it makes carrying the blade to be relatively easy.Having sheath also allows you to backpack the kukri knife more easily.

When choosing the kukri knife, sheath considers also going for a durable material like leather as it will allow you to be more efficient and even more durable.

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