Best Out The Front Automatic Knives

Best out the front automatic knives can make you a comfortable everyday carry blade. For decades now when selecting an everyday carry knife.

There are some factors that everyone should consider looking for such as availability of sheath presence of a folding blade option or switchblade option.

Best Automatic Knife

Best Otf Auto Knife operates just like other types of automatic knives, due to the presence of spring powered blade. As an additional best out the front, automatic knives can perform by using the concept of gravity, manual or spring powered,

Choosing an out the front knife is not a hard task, but choosing only the Best out the front automatic knives is a very challenging task as more manufacturers have flooded the market.

Best Otf Auto Knife 2018

Prices   For Best out the front automatic knives are widely spread as they range from cheap to very expensive thus choosing a prime knife tend to be a very challenging task.In the article, we have outline top five best otf knife for the money that you can buy right now from Amazon.

Best Out The Front Automatic Knives Reviews

  1. SCHOTF3CB-BRK Viper 3Rd Gen OTF -best otf knife under 50


Being a doubleedged blade, this 3Rd Gen OTF Assist which takes our number one  of Best out the front automatic knives is coated with a quality titanium finish that protects it from an external climatic condition that tends to be relatively harsh.

it also comes with glass breaker that assists you in your challenging times.

Zytel handle is also available, and it allows you to be in the better position of enjoying a relatively firm grip even in unconducive climatic conditions.

Zytel handles during its construction it is integrated with quality glass breaker that helps you when you are involved in an accident or also free to break any window that is blocking your way.

The blade also comes with a quality lock that allows you quickly deploy the edge with single jus press. The blade is crafted from quality material. Thus it will enable this knife to associate with relatively long durability.

  • Bead blast finish
  • Stainless pocket clip
  • Zytel handles
  • Integrated glass breaker
  • Blade has a black titanium nitride  coating
  • easy to deploy
  • easy to work with
  1. Benchmade – 531 Knife, Drop-Point– Best Otf Knife Under 200


Benchmade Drop-Point is crafted from stainless steels thus making this blade to be a quality blade.

Benchmade Drop-Point is quality out front knife as it has relatively distinctive design looking at its handle and the blade in general

Benchmade Drop-Point features a G10 handle that is relatively free from moisture and even in extreme temperature.

Being manual blade, you can efficiently operate it on your comes with a clip which I reversible as it allows you to carry the knife easily.

Lightweight is another feature that makes this knife to be quality Alde that you would like or be associated with. Drop-point blade style makes this blade to be an all-around blade that allows you to perform various task tool.

  • G10 handle scales
  • Lightweight
  • Quality blade
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • rust free
  • Tough edge.
  1. Schrade Viper 3 OTF- Best Otf Automatic Knife For The Money


Schrade Viper 3 OTF comes with a quality blade that is associated with a quality finish that allows it to feel substantial while in your hands .

our  out of from knives experts also revealed that this blade has razor sharp edge that would enable this out front knives to be a no exemption from another type of blades.

Due to the blade design, these blades tend to be very impressive thus allowing you to cater for various activities as the blade is crafted from quality material.

Double edge blade that has a spear point blade gives this knife an opportunity of holding its edge for an increased duration of time.

4034 Stainless Steel is the primary material that is used to craft this blade. 4034 Stainless Steel according to your blade expert is relatively a sturdy material that has an increased ability allowing this out a first knife to be in the position of retaining its sharpness for an increased duration of time. As an addition, it comes with quality.

  • Aluminum glass Breaker Tip is available
  • Efficient blade lock system
  • Rust free.
  • Spearpoint edge blade
  • Razor sharp.
  • Maintains it sharpness for an increased duration of time.
  1. Gerber Covert Knife-Best Otf Switchblade


Gerber Covert Knife is backed up by a quality  F.A.S.T technology that a allows this blade to be deployed very quickly as an addition it comes with a quality blade that will enable you to perform a wide range of activities with great ease.

The sturdy blade is coated with titanium thus protecting it from moisture and another harsh climate that tends to expose the blade to rust.

A very efficient side blade lock is also available thus it allows you to remain safe when using or even deploying it. It comes with a quality G10 handle which allows you to enjoy a relatively stable grip when performing different activities with the knife.

Applegate-Fairbairn design allows this knife to be very easy to use.  It enables you to more activities within a reduced an addition, this   blade is backed up by prime warranty which is lifetime

  • Titanium coated blade
  • G-10 handle thus you will only enjoy a secure grip
  • A.S.T technology
  • Easy to use and  also deploy

Wrap Up

Finally, this article has provided you with a list of top four Best out the front automatic knives. With the above guide, I have great hope that you will be in the position of making a perfect decision on which blade to pick.

If by any chance you feel we have left any Best out the front automatic knives you would like us to review feel free to join our review experts. Happy shopping.

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