Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

IMPORTANTBy using our extensive (the “Company”) or our any of our services either in any application or website, you agree to our both terms and conditions that govern us which we refer to like our privacy policy.

By concurring with our privacy policy, you also agree that any information that you either collect or provide throughout company can in a later time be used by this company in accordance to the various laws outlined in the companies privacy policy

Therefore you are advised if aby any way you disagree with our terms of services and our privacy policy, kindly you are advised to efficiently avoid using our services.

In wildGearing (WG) both the privacy policy and rule governing our company as a very critical aspect which should be concurred with. According to wildGearing (WG), privacy policy ranges from tools, software’s, feature or any other information which can be termed as a service by our company.

In case you have any suggestion, issue or even any question concerning the wide rag of product and services we offer kindly contact us through our contact details provided on our website.

Information, Data Use, And Collection

To ensure that we are offering quality, we may also use your personal information which is identifiable (PII), which is composed of the following types of data.

1. Personal information

wildGearing (WG) collects it data form various personal information such as websites, email address and other third-party social media platform such as Facebook platforms through which you were in a position or registering to access or even benefit from our services.

1.1Third parties.

WildGearing (WG) might also to a great extent use the information you include or even offer in you third party platform such as Facebook. For instance, wildGearing (WG) can access your images and contact information which you include in various third-party platforms that allowed you to access our services or products.

1.2User Information;

wildGearing (WG) might also to some instance document some of your information such as Advertising identifier, IP address and IDFA identifiers. The information we document will later be used for user debugging, attribution, estimation, frequency capping, conversion events, and fraud detection.

1.3User Communications.

In case you communicate to our company wildGearing (WG) stores that information for future use. wildGearing (WG) might also use that data for later or even future correspondence and processing.

Also using your contact details we obtained after communicating with us, we can send our promotion information, push notification or even newsletters to you. However, since our services are flexible, you can also take an added advantage of option out of such promotion or communication by just sending a simple request addressing your suggestion.

2. Cookies

When gathering data, statics, or useful information our company (WG) might also to a great extent employ cookies which are temporary and even within a limited duration of time. On the other hand persistent cookies, an also be used by our company which can remain in the devices you are using to access our services, but you can manually remove or undo the cookies by changing your devise or browser settings.

Our experts have defined cookies as a great piece of information which are sent from our company and efficiently hosted on the device you are using. Therefore it is important to note that cookie are cannot cause any harm or reduce h efficiency of your browser and device.

On the other hand, your device gives you an option of accepting or even blocking cookies from our company this will preen you from accessing some of our services. As an addition WildGearing can also employ the use of web beacons or electronic images to gather or even collect essential data through email addresses.

WildGearing (WG) will efficiently employ such a future to send cookies and also notify us by counting the number of our website visitors.

Lastly, WildGearing (WG) employs other tacking option from third parties such as the Amazon Services LLC which play a vital role in examining and also efficient process most of your PII

WildGearing (WG) is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associate program, which is an affiliate program for amazon adverting. This program allows our company to earn and even generate adverting fee by efficiently linking products that we advertise for

3. Links

We have also used information links from other websites to give all users of WildGearing (WG) excellent user experience. However, it is important to note that wild gearing is not at any moment responsible for your action on the privacy policy of either websites or application you visit. Having outlined our rule, we can confidently DECLARE that our privacy policy only applies to all PII which we just gather